Jhaku Temple

Jhaku Temple

Jhaku Temple is an ancient temple situated in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. This temple is dedicated to Hindu God, Lord Hanuman. Jhaku Temple is situated on the Jhakoo Hill which is 2.5 km /1.3 miles east from the Ridge. Shimla at a height of 2,455 m (8,000 feet) above sea level.  Shimla’s highest peak offers a panoramic view of the Shivalik Ranges and the town of Sanjauli. An ancient “Lord Hanuman” temple is there and every year a big festival is held on Dushera . You can go to the temple by foot from Ridge or can hire a pony/horse. Taxis are available too.

At the top of the famous Jakhu hill is located the famous Jakhu Temple of Shimla. It is hardly 2 kilometers from the Ridge and is an uphill climb through the beautiful deodar trees. The Jhaku Temple of Simla is dedicated to the monkey God, Hanuman. The Jakhu temple is located at a height of 2455 meters and is situated on the highest peak in Shimla. The scenic view that surrounds this beautiful temple of India is absolutely breath taking and splendid.

Sarangpur Hanuman Temple

Jhaku Temple has an interesting legend behind it. It is said that a deadly arrow injured Lord Rama’s brother Lakshmana when he was fighting the battle with the demon king Ravana. A priest diagnosed Lakshmana and said that he needed a particular Sanjeevani herb from the Himalayas to cure Lakshmana. Hanuman was sent to get that herb from he lofty mountains. Upon reaching the Himalayas, Hanuman couldn’t make out as to which herb was the Sanjeevani. So he dug up the entire mountain and flew back to where Lakshmana was lying injured.

After Lakshmana was cured, Hanuman went back to place the mountain in its original site. He rested on top of the Jakhu hill for sometime. It is said that the top of the hill got flattened due to Hanuman’s weight! The temple has been built around the place that is supposed to have the footprints of Hanuman. It is a highly revered religious place of Shimla and devotees throng in huge numbers to pray. The shrine is a hotspot for monkeys who flock here in great numbers and generously accept eatables that are given to them by devotees and tourists.

Suchindram Thanumalayan Temple

Jhaku Temple

History of Jhaku Temple

  • There is a story that Lord Hanuman stopped here to take rest while he was searching for Sanjivni Booti to bring back Lakshman to life in the epic Ramayana.
  • On arrival at the temple signs advise visitors to secure all personal belongings and beware of the monkeys, which are everywhere. This is appropriate as the temple is in honour of the Monkey Lord. Visitors must remove shoes before entering the temple.
  • There are several eateries at the Jhaku Temple site. Local visitors ring the bell for good luck before making the descent back into Shimla.
  • Just on the outskirts of this erstwhile summer capital of the British raj, a giant 108-feet-high idol of Hanuman (the Monkey God) was unveiled at Jakhoo Hanuman temple in 2010, overlooking the entire city.
  • Given its titanic size, it would not be out of place to say that monkeys will be omnipresent in this famous tourist destination which already has a large monkey population.
  • At 108 feet at the highest altitude of over 8100 feet and constructed at a cost of Rs 1.5 crores, it surpasses the statue of ‘Christ the Redeemer’, which measures at 98 feet and stands at an altitude of 2296 feet in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • The moment Hanuman landed on the hill, the hill could not bear his weight. As a result, the line runs hilly ground. More than half the land went into the original mountain.
  • The name of the hill ‘Jakhu’ is. It Jakhu ‘was named after a sage named James. Hanuman bowed to the sage and received detailed information about the lifesaving herb sage promised to bring lifesaving time will surely come to the hermitage of sage.
  • Hanuman in the way ‘Kalnemi called’ war on the way stop by the monster and beat him. The bustle and Smayabav the hermitage of sage Hanuman could not. James did not want to offend sage Hanuman because vanish suddenly appeared and were making their Deity.
  • The Hanuman temple built in memory of James Wiseman. Hanuman temple where he had put his foot that steps have been made from marble. Hanuman, the monkey god blessed sage until it is mountainous, worshiped by the people will.
Naina Devi Temple

Significance of Jhaku Temple

  • 9 Jakhoo Hill, is a play set in a home in 1950’s Jakhoo Hill, directed by Sunit Tandon.
  • World’s tallest statue of Lord Hanuman was unveiled to public by Abhishek Bachchan on November 5th 2010.
  • Jakhu Temple is situated at Jakhu hill which is at the height of 8048feet above sea level.
  • The snowy peaks, valleys offers a panoramic view of Shimla. The religious center dedicated to Lord Hanuman ‘ridge’ is located near to it.
  • From here visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset. According to legend Manyata Ram and Ravana during the war between Lord Rama’s brother Lakshman Meghnad arrows were injured and unconscious.
  • All the time due to abortive treatment Vadyraj Susen said that one solution is left. Laxman saved the lives of Himalayan herbs can be lifesaving. I said Lord Hanuman devotee this crisis will bring lifesaving. Hanuman Himalayan and flew down the hill on the way, he ‘Jas’ walked down the hill, they saw the sage.
  • Jakhu Temple is now fitted with a giant statue of Hanuman, whose height is 108 feet. The statue was installed in 2010. Previously only 135 feet in Andhra Pradesh is a statue. Hanuman you appear anywhere in Shimla. To avoid monkeys at the gate of the temple also get stick. But if there is no tampering with the monkeys is good. It is said that the crews are Jakhu temple monkeys centuries.
  • Various trekking and mountain climbing mountaineering activities by the state government are held. Trekking path is surrounded by picturesque pine forests. Jakhu temple visitor to reach the ‘pony can also be hired. Jakhu hill by many shops in the area, which offer up to Trackers to help provide walking sticks etc.
Mahavir Mandir Patna

Jhaku Temple Timings

Jhaku Temple is opened for darshan all the seven days of the week. The darshan timing starts from 7am to 8pm. It hardly takes 1 to 2 hours for darshan. There is no entry fee in the Temple.

Place to eat in Shimla

Jhaku Temple provides food to its devotees. They are free of cost and all the expenses incurred are borne by the Trustees. Once the daily Puja is over, devotees are allowed to move for food. These food are made in a very hygienic condition maintaining the dignity of the Temple. The food includes three main course and are given in plenty. All the expenses incurred are borne by the temple trust. Apart from the prasad provided in the temple, one can also have food from hotels outside the campus. These hotels provide clean and hygienic food. There are various other places to eat food. There are many hotels and cafe which provide food keeping the taste and needs of the devotees. They cost very nominal keeping the needs and budget of the tourists.

Hanuman Mandir

There are a lot of dishes which are given to the devotees. There are one-time free prasads served to the devotees. There are many other dishes that are served to the devotees for which they need to spend money. The food is prepared in a very hygienic conditions. All the eatables are taken good care while preparing food. Foods are prepared in a very hygienic atmosphere.

Apart from the food we get in the temple, there are many other hotels and places where one can have food. In Delhi, we can find food stalls everywhere. There are hotels and cafes like Cafe Coffee Day, Pind Balluchi, The First Floor Restaurant and many more. There are many other hotels which have nominal charges keeping the taste of the consumer in mind. They prepare food in a very clean and hygienic environment.

Chamunda Devi

Places to stay

There are various dharamshala facility provided fo the devotees. The Temple Trust has themselves made dharamshalas for the devotees as well as tourists. Apart from dharamashalas, there are many hotels as well as private organizations that provide dwelling facilities to the people. The hotels have nominal charge keeping the need and budget of the devotees and the tourists. The hotels provide clean and hygiene environment to the tourists as well has good and hygienic food. Many hotels provide wifi facilities to the tourists so that they keep themselves connected to the whole world.

How to Reach- Road, Air and Rail

  • Air- The nearest airport to Jakhoo Temple is simla airport , shimla which is 10 km away from Jakhoo Temple.
  • Rail– The nearest railway station to jakhoo temple is Shimla Train Station which is 2 km away from Jakhoo Temple.
Baijnath Temple

 Places to visit near Jhaku Temple

  • Kali Temple– The trek up to the Kali Temple is an amazing experience as one comes across rare species of various animals, which also makes for some interesting photography. Situated at the Jakhoo Hills, the temple is believed to be about 150 years old and houses idols of three goddesses, namely Kali, Shyamala and Chandi. Kali Devi, however, remains the prime deity of importance here and sees devotees come to offer their respects from near and far. The place is surrounded with breathtaking views of the Shivalik Range. Situated atop a grassy knoll kept judiciously manicured by the local bovine population, the temple presents two manifestations of Kali to humble and inspire you. It’s also a great spot for a picnic.
  • State Library– As you walk down the charming street of the ridge in Shimla, you can see a small colonial style building, standing as a lone structure right behind the Christ Church. It is the State Library in Shimla that was built back in 1860s. Today it’s an important structure in the city from a cultural point of view and has preserved numerous rare and age old books that awaits keen readers. It is a quaint building built in stone and timber with a sloping roof and wide wood penaled windows adding to the splendor of the structure. Try taking out some time from your schedule and visit this lovely place to find some timeless books that you have always wanted to read.
  • The Ridge– A wide open street in Shimla lying next to the Mall Road adjoining the Scandal Point is he Ridge . A hub of all activities, this place also offers a panoramic view of the snow-capped mountains around Shimla. The age old Christ church is also located on the ridge which is yet another reason for the tourists to swarm the place during the peak season. Moreover, just like the Mall road no vehicles are allowed on the ridge. This place is also where festivals like Summer Festival, New year’s Eve and Christmas are celebrated with much fervor and joy.
  • The Mall– Once you are at the Mall in Shimla, you will witness the myriad of activities happening all around the street. Tourists roaming around scrutinizing the place, locals busy with their daily activities, enthusiastic groups enjoying street food, others actively bargaining at the roadside stalls and many such scenes are a regular part of a normal day at the Mall. Vehicular movement is restricted inside the Mall Road to maintain a pristine environment as well as for the shoppers’ and tourists’ convenience. It is the most important place of the city with the presence of places like the Viceregal Lodge and the Cultural complex. Spend some quality time at the mall road on your visit to Shimla. Be it shopping or eating at your favourite food joints, Mall road will offer you with some memorable moments here.
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