6 amazing facts about Shiva

6 Amazing Facts About Lord Shiva You Must Know

Lord Shiva, needless to say, has a special place in the hearts of Hindu worshipers. From his life and clothing to his distinct powers, there are a lot of fascinating facts about this deity.

Fact 1 – The most powerful



The Hindu God Shiva is believed to be the most powerful. His name in itself translates to “Shakti” or power. He is also one of the three most prominent gods along with Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu among the 33 crore Hindu gods.

Fact 2 – Jyotirlinga: The radiant sign of Shiva


There are 12 Jyotirlinga temples in India all dedicated to Lord Shiva. The word actually translates to the meaning “The Radiant Sign of The Almighty Siva”. These temples are believed to have come into existence in places where Shiva appeared to settle a debate going on between Brahma and Vishnu over supremacy of creation.

Fact 3 – His 108 names


Shiva has 108 names to himself as written in Shiva Purana. All these names have different meanings and describe Shiva’s personality and traits. For example, Ardhnarishwar – the Lord who is half woman, Aashutosh- one who fulfills wishes instantly, and Akshayaguna- God with limitless attributes.

Fact 4 – Extremely Powerful

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It is believed that the reason Shiva is the most powerful is because once he tricked all the other Gods of their power. Once the gods had approached him to assist in fighting demonic powers. Shiva asked them to lend him their powers for a while to fight the demons, but never returned them back.

Fact 5 – Destroyer who protects

Shiva, unlike any other God, is a destroyer rather than a creator or protector. However, in Hindu mythology it is seen as a medium to new life since death is the path to recreation. However, contradictory to the nature of destruction portrayed for Shiva, he had drunk deadly poison to protect the universe. This incident is the reason of his blue throat; hence the name Neelkanth which means “the one with the blue throat”.

Fact 6 – Not worshipped in original form


Shiva is the only God who is not worshiped in his original form. There are tall statues of Shiva in places like Murudeshwara but he is not worshiped inside temples in that form. The reason is his superiority over other Gods. Shiva, known as the God of the Gods (devon ke Dev) emerges from the linga which is “the cosmic pillar of fire” and is the only God to do so.

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